Who are the 100 best journalists of the past 100 years?

NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute sought to answer this question, and a host of familiar names appear: Hannah Arendt, Carl Bernstein, James Baldwin, Robert Capa, Truman Capote.

What’s even better isThe New Yorker has pulled a few of their featured writers’ pieces from the archives. (Unfortunately, just for subscribers.)

There are enough longreads here to fill a weekend. Or two.

Hannah Arendt: “Eichmann in Jerusalem,” February 16, 1963.

James Baldwin: “Letter from a Region in My Mind,” November 17, 1962.

Meyer Berger: “The Tombs,” August 30, 1941.

William F. Buckley, Jr.: “My Right-Wing Conspiracy,” October 21, 1996.

Truman Capote: “The Duke in His Domain,” November 9, 1957.

Rachel Carson: “Silent Spring,” June 16, 1962.

Nora Ephron: “Serial Monogamy,” February 13, 2006.

Dexter Filkins: “The Afghan Bank Heist,” February 14, 2011.

Frances Fitzgerald: “Vietnam,” July 1, 1972.

Philip Gourevitch: “After the Genocide,” December 18, 1995.

Nat Hentoff: “The Constitutionalist,” March 12, 1990.

John Hersey: “Hiroshima,” August 31, 1946.

Seymour Hersh: “Torture at Abu Ghraib,” May 10, 2004.

Jane Kramer: “The Politics of Memory,” August 14, 1995.

Anthony Lewis: “The Sullivan,” November 5, 1984.

A. J. Liebling: “Memoirs of a Feeder in France,” April 11, 1959.

Jane Mayer: “The Predator War,” October 26, 2009.

Mary McCarthy : “The Revel of the Earth,” July 7, 1956.

John McPhee: “A Sense of Where You Are,” January 23, 1965.

H. L. Mencken: “Giants at the Bar,” May 24, 1941.

Joseph Mitchell: “Professor Sea Gull,” December 12, 1942.

David Remnick: “American Hunger,” October 12, 1998.

William Shawn: “Comment,” September 23, 1972.

E. B. White: “Letter from the East,” February 20, 1960.

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