Seconded! Thirded too, why not.


Re-Tumbling because… Amelia’s THREATS is out today!!

Jac Jemc: I know you won the FC2 contest, but any other contest wins? Like a radio call-in contest or funny dance contest on spring break?

Amelia Gray: A couple summers ago I won a raffle at a summer movie series and I won $100 in grocery money! I blew it all on wine and candy. I always enter those feedback contests on receipts from grocery stores. It’s a compulsion I have, like if I see it on the receipt I have to do it. I haven’t won anything from those but the folks at Ralph’s know exactly how I feel about their tampon selection.

JJ: Do you think luck was ever a lady to begin with?

AG: Luck is a lady and lady is a tramp.

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    Seconded! Thirded too, why not.
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